Baumgartens Retail Display Kit #2 Pencil Sharpener ASSORTED Colors (15509)
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Baumgartens Retail Display Kit #2 Pencil Sharpener ASSORTED Colors (15509)

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Dazzle customers with this ready made display unit. Es with 190 assorted color sharpeners with a variety of features in both plastic and metal. Everyone needs a pencil sharpener from students to professionals and this display case has somethingfor everyone. The selection of styles includes including single and dual hole sharpeners, trio pencil sharpeners, wave sharpeners, elliptical sharpeners and neon erasers. Cheerful colors include orange, green red, yellow, purple and blue. Sharpeners have a wide array of ergonomic shapes, making them easy to gripfortable to hold. Each has precision honed blades that will sharpen any pencil with accuracy. As well as the metal and plastic standard, single hole sharpeners, there is a variety of sharpeners with receptacles for collecting shavings. Impressive counter top display with a variety of handheld pencil sharpeners.
  • Display contains neon erasers.
  • All sharpeners have precision honed steel blade and some have built-in receptacle to hold shavings.
  • Display contains and assortment of 190 sharpeners and erasers.

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