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Our utensils are made from corn and other starches, which is an annually grown renewable crop. Most plastics are manufactured from oil, a non renewable resource, which takes millions of years to produce. Paper based cups are made from trees that take decades to grow and serve a better purpose removing carbon dioxide from the air. Corn plastic is much less harmful to the environment than either paper or conventional plastic cups and utensils because it is made from a renewable material.

PLA produces less than half the greenhouse gasses of ordinary plastic.

It is also eco-conscious alternative whereas conventional plastic takes many years if not decades to decompose.


Our dishware is made from the waste of sugar cane. It helps the environment because it makes use of agricultural waste and is made from an annually renewable crop, sugar, versus paper, made from trees that take about 20 years to grow.

In addition, the material looks and feels like paper and holds up just as well as the leading brands.